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Powerful and Scalable Corporate Communication Solution

nCORP is a scalable corporate communication tool designed to keep employees informed and engaged through a network of displays. Effective communication is important to the success of any company, but can be a challenge when employees are scattered across multiple floors or across different buildings. nCORP makes it easy to display corporate messages in busy hallways, lobbies, break rooms manufacturing lines and offices to help reduce accidents, introduce products and processes, promote success stories, boost morale and increase employee engagement.

The robust and powerful media player and CMS supports popular media file types such as images (JPG, PNG, etc.) and full HD video (WMV, MP4, MOV) and Flash content. The energy saving player can be scheduled to power on and off, and the advanced content scheduling lets you fully control your messaging throughout the day, week or even year.

 The nCORP Local edition is ideal for small businesses with a single local area network to broadcast. While the nCORP Online edition is suited for businesses with multiple locations, floors, or campuses, to help synchronize messaging remotely. The nCORP includes built-in emergency alert notification to inform employees of potential hazards and accidents. The pre-installed corporate communication templates include digital directory, clocks, count up/down timers, slideshow, event list, and more. Integrated social media and RSS capabilities allows up-to-the-minute information exchange and engagement.

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nCORP Local

Corporate Communication Solution

nCORP Local is the ideal solution for small businesses to help in employees informed of corporate messaging. The nCORP Local solution includes a media player, mount and CMS software to help you schedule your messages throughout the day with images, video, RSS feeds, countdown timers, live weather and more.

  • HD Media Player
  • Supports up to two screens
  • LCD Panel Mount, HDMI cable, layer Mount and accessories
  • Includes predesigned templates for corporate communication
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nCORP Online

Cloud-based Corporate Communication Solution

nCORP Online builds on the power of nCORP Local and provides a SaaS-based solution for communication across campuses, floors or other remote business locations. Synchronize your messaging and take full control of the scheduling down to the minute.

  • HD Media Player
  • Supports up to 2 screens
  • Fan thermal design for quiet operation
  • LCD Panel Mount, HDMI cable, Player Mount and accessories
  • Remote management software with the first year of SaaS subscription included in the price
  • Web-based training
  • Online templates include a new widget feature that makes it easy to change and update your content
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