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National Donut Chain goes digital with their menu board 

One of America’s leading donut chains sought a way to boost sales, enhance customer experience, and easily manage content and promotions at their newest store location. Utilizing AOPEN’s nTAKE digital menu board solutions, they were not only able to easily mirror all the functions of the original static boards, but deliver more dynamic content resulting to increased sales and customer interactions

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The Challenge

With over 60 varieties of donuts and kolache, they needed a new approach to updating static menus and creating promotions. Their stores utilized static menus that simply listed items and pricing. 

Requiring a solution that coincided with branding requirements and the ability to update content and provide a method for running promotions. These changes needed features that could be utilized on a daily basis as well as show a positive returns on investment.

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The Solution

To meet these signage needs, the company turned to implement AOPEN’s nTAKE Menu Board solution. Three 42" displays powered by a single media player were used at each store to mirror the aesthetics of the corporate branded static menu board. In addition to the look and feel, AOPEN nTAKE provided sections on the menu boards for displaying dynamic and real-time content.   Any pricing or promotional updates were changed from a centralized location streamlining content update and eliminating cost associated with static signage.

With the AOPEN nTAKE, pricing and promotional updates are implemented from a centralized location streamlining the process and eliminating printing and shipping costs associated with traditional static signage.

The Results

Based on feedback from customers, the nTAKE solution has provided a positive increase in customer engagement and a rise in sales. With the AOPEN nTAKE solution, they were able to introduce a seamless digital solution in a matter of hours. The patrons also appreciate the digital experience and commented on the menu boards often, and stores have seen increased sales on beverages which are displayed by videos in a partitioned portion of the screens.

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