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Ready to Use Video Wall Solution

nVIEW is a powerful and ready-to-use video wall solution that offers a multi-display presentation to attract customer attention.  Public displays can now be set up quickly and easily with the nVIEW, combining powerful hardware with user-friendly, pre-installed software.  Orchestrate still images, animations, graphics, video, audio, and live feeds in a single impressive show across multiple display areas.  The robust, graphical performance of the nVIEW allows you to create and display your most demanding media productions. 

nVIEW Pro Content Management Software allows you to customize layouts, create zones, schedule content including all major image and video file types. nVIEW Pro CMS allows you to create non-traditional  video walls with drag and drop ease. With flexible display orientation that supports irregular image stitching, your video walls can be a work of art.

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  • Supports up to 16 displays
  • Easy customization and deployment
  • User-friendly CMS with zoning capabilities
  • Great for large-scale video walls that are needed 24/7
  • Flexible display orientation that supports irregular image stitching
  • 1080p full display 
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