opensign 10s tablet

OpenSign 10S Tablet

A 10 inch tablet device that is designed for intensive use in commercial environments. Unlike commercial tablets, this 10 inch touch display is made to last. With OpenSign Screener pre-installed on the device, it is completely secured and protected against vandalism.  

opensign 15m

OpenSign 15S

A 15 inch all-in-one touch display. The curved design and edge-to-edge glass give away that it is a touchscreen and therefore serves its purpose as product information display, POS display or ordering device and many more applications for commercial environments. Buttons are hidden and the front is dust and water proof.

opensign 19m

OpenSign 19M

A 19 inch all-in-one touch display. Just like the OpenSign 15S solution that is described above, this display is created with design in mind. The only difference is the screen size and resolution which is 1366x768. 

opensign 22m

OpenSign 22M

A 22 inch all-in-one touch display. With its fashionable design and great computing power, this display invites to touch and is ideal for both portrait and landscape positioning. It catches the eye in any environment.  

opensign 42l

OpenSign 42L

A 42 inch touch display that can be connected to a OpenMini or OpenMini Pro media player. 


OpenSign Mini & MiniPro

The OpenSign Mini and MiniPro allow you to stay ahead of the curve. Aimed at those with the most demanding multimedia applications, these media players provide stunning performance and razor sharp images to intensify the computing experience.

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