AOPEN Corporate News

March 28, 2018 AOPEN® America And Express Image Success Story Features Mall of America's Commercial-Grade Digital Directory Solution

March 28, 2018 AOPEN America Announces Next-Gen Product Series of Affordable 4K Media Players With Added Edge Control Capabilities

November 9, 2017 AOPEN Inc. and Acer Inc. Announced Today a Private Placement of Shares.

October 3, 2017 AOPEN America Welcomes David Petricig as Director of Sales

August 29, 2017 InFocus and AOPEN Create First Large Format, Google Chrome-enabled Touch Displays for Classrooms

August 1, 2017 AOPEN America Announces New General Manager

July 13, 2017 AOPEN Mini OPS Module Transforms Sharp Displays Into PCs 

February 8, 2017 AOPEN Partners With Intel To Unveil Visual Data Reference Design Specification Compliant Device - DE7400XE

January 16, 2017 AOPEN launches Chromebox Mini and Chromebase Mini.

August 17, 2015 AOPEN Reveals First Commercial Grade Chrome based All-in-One Touch Display

August 10, 2015 AOPEN Unveils First Commercial Grade device based on Google Chrome 

March 11, 2015 AOPEN collaborating with Google on new retail technology 

March 10, 2015 3D Wayfinding brings engaging experience in shopping environment

October 28, 2014 AOPEN unveils new energy-efficient media player with System on Chip (SoC)

August 21, 2014 Rugged, powerful, affordable: new AOPEN DE3250 media player

July 14, 2014 What's driving your content? Media player choices

May 21, 2014 Experience firsthand inspiring solutions at AOPEN Retail Evolution Lab 

February 5, 2014 AOPEN reveals new thin display product series AOPEN Digital Mosaic 

January 14, 2014 AOPEN’s DE7200 Digital Engine Leads A New Lineup Of Market-Leading Commercial Technologies

January 13, 2014 AOPEN announces nTAKE Digital Menu Board Solution-In-A-Box series 

September 16, 2013 AOPEN's OpenService extends offering with Intel RCM

August 23, 2013 AOPEN and Intel Partner on New Retail Touchscreen

August 13, 2013 AOPEN unveils two powerful Digital Engines models

July 16, 2013 Visual Merchandising Solutions Bring the Online Experience In-Store

July 3, 2013 What's Driving Your Content? Digital Signage Media Player Choices

June 12, 2013 AOPEN Next-Generation Media Players Now Certified for Scala Enterprise Software

June 10, 2013 AOPEN showcases "interconnected digital ecosystem" to meet retail demand for digital solutions 

April 24, 2013 Product announcement DE67-HAI 

March 26, 2013 Product announcement DE6100

February 28, 2013 AOPEN releases OpenSign™ 

February 27, 2013 AOPEN unveils vibrant new global brand

August 24, 2012 Corporate communication and OpenService on DST

June 18, 2012 AOPEN at InfoComm 2012

May 17, 2012 AOPEN Digital Engine DE5100

April 13, 2012 System Integrator partnership with KOLO

November 11, 2011 Total Media Digital Signage award

September 27, 2011 AOPEN highlights at Total Media

July 21, 2011 AOPEN Digital Engine DE67-HA

April 29, 2011 Haivision Coolsign and AOPEN partnership

November 11, 2011 Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner Award

October 27, 2011 Product announcement DE35-HD

January 12, 2011 AOPEN introduces Multi-Touch Panel PC

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