Draw attention by engaging your customers to interact with your brand

Mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones give shoppers the possibility to research pricing and features directly online while shopping in a physical store. The challenge lays in how to use this upcoming trend of m-commerce to the benefit of the retailer within the multichannel strategy.

Digital communication technology can be used as a tool to engage and interact with your customer even from outside the store to strengthen the in-store communication strategy. Captivate attention by using digitally enhanced content to connect the customer to your brand and convert that into a sale.

Build a steady and secure digital communications solution with AOPEN products.

Products for Retailers

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Service by design with eye for detail

Choose the service that you need by picking the adequate features necessary to perform the job. Retail can be very complicated therefore AOPEN works with only the best. Use your own resources or let AOPEN take ownership of your solution.


With the launch of OpenSign, AOPEN offers a web-based content delivery system based on AOPEN hardware. This is an interactive digital marketing and signage platform built for retailers to tackle the frustrations and costs of operating and maintaining a digital signage network. Products include a range of tablets and touch displays with pre-installed software and content management system access. Extend your online conversations to in-store by unifying the web, mobile assets, and the retail floor to create new highly targeted experiences for shoppers. 

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Service offering

AOPEN collaborates with a wide group of partners globally such as retailers, design firms, strategic consultants and branding agencies to deliver the right support and services to its customers. Our focus is on working with the customer to fit the needs. Further services include: on-site support, technical consulting, leasing, custom design & build and project consultancy. 

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create an experience

Transform shopping into an experience

Transform shopping into an experience and increase sales by utilizing smart communications into your in-store marketing concept. Engage and interact with your audience via the same m-commerce platform that they are actively using. Static information displays are replaced by interactive devices such as tablets or touch- displays. These devices can then be connected to a network and push live feeds from the internet such as Twitter or RSS (for example) to broadcast promotions or other news in-store and lets the customer interact with your brand turning shopping into an experience.

For customers that have an idea in mind and do not know where to begin in searching for a possible solution to combine digital communications in the in-store marketing strategy; AOPEN would like to refer you to the OpenService Group. A unique concept where we focus on the customer needs and think with the retailer to visualize the perfect solution using only the best-of-breed. The OpenService Group offers end-to-end project support and consultancy from the drawing board to the actual installment and evaluation.

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