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From the rough North Sea to an exotic Spanish Aquarium, AOPEN has proven itself very versatile when it comes to digital signage hardware and communications technology solutions all over the world. AOPEN has been involved in exciting and often challenging projects the past few years, which has led to great material on how to enhance the engagement with your audience and increase stability in any situation, commercial or otherwise.

These customer successes are great examples of how AOPEN can improve a variety of environments whether your business operates in healthcare, hospitality, transportation, security or  education; AOPEN solutions will enable you to turn concepts into reality. 

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AOPEN® Powers Volta Car-Charging Digital Kiosk

Commercial-Grade Media Player Delivers Rapid-Growth Scalability to an Innovative Advertising Network

Volta, America’s largest free car-charging kiosk, partnered with AOPEN and Peerless-AV to offer dynamic kiosk advertising to top brands using free electric car charging stations.


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Mall of America Digital Wayfinding Directory


AOPEN America and Express Image have partnered to provide unique and customized commercial-grade wayfinding digital directories for Mall of America, the nation’s largest retail and entertainment destination. With over 100 digital directories to help guests navigate the 5.6-million-square-foot property with ease, this industry-leading project is the first of its size and scope and is built on the AOPEN’s reliable commercial-grade Chromebox Commercial using the Chrome OS platform.

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chickasaw bricktown ballpark

Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark

To provide a better fan experience, the Oklahoma City RedHawks made improvements to their Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark with the deployment of digital signage by AOPEN. 

From welcoming fans at the entrance to keeping them informed about their favorite team, the new digital signage has become an intregral component in the ballpark. Selecting the right partners and using the latest technology made the installation easy and produced a warm atmosphere for the fans.
The RedHawks called on NueQ, an Oklahoma City based digital solutions provider with over 60 years of experience and AOPEN, a visual media innovator and hardware manufacturer, to transform the digital experience at their ballpark.


FCBotiga Megastore

FCBotiga Megastore creates a unique experience both in terms of innovation and technology, offering its customers a seamless digital experience and the chance to instantly see and buy the finished product.

With the redesign of the shop in December 2013 the store is now much bigger with a lot of nifty technology that integrates perfectly with the stunning interior design elements. A sixteen meter-wide LED screen takes center stage like a football arena with a stadium shaped staircase. 

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ntake donut chain

National Donut Chain utilizes digital menu boards

With over sixty varieties of donuts and other sugary goods, one of America’s leading donut chains sought a way to effectively manage content and promotions to boost sales and enhance the customer experience. The company turned to AOPEN to implement the nTAKE Menu Board Solution. Three 42” displays powered by a single media player were used to help the donut chain update the menus from a centralized location ensuring brand consistency throughout the chain. 


Inglot Cosmetics Shop

Eye-catching product presentation in-store. Inglot is known for its wide range of colours and for creating exciting ways for cosmetics to be packaged and applied.

Beautiful presentation is vital for beauty products, which is why Inglot turned to technology, seeking AOPEN’s advice on the latest ways to present products and carry out innovative in-store marketing through digital communications. 

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palma aquarium2

Palma Aquarium Mallorca

Visiting an aquarium is both fun and educative. Visitors will see all kind of sea animals, and natural human curiosity will make them want to know more about what they see. With display signs limiting the amount of words you can place on a sign, Palma Aquarium Mallorca found the right solution by installing AOPEN all-in-one touch displays. 

Next to a sea of information the environment itself tends to be dimly lit. Therefore the management sought for an ‘out of the box’ digital communications solution to give its customers the maximum information in an easy-to-read format. 

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BedShed Retail Shop

Bedshed, a bedding and bedroom furniture specialist in Australia, is one retailer keen to ride the new technology wave of digital in-store communication.

After extensive consultation, a solution was designed to run on internet-enabled touch screen kiosks provided by AOPEN using the OpenSign platform.

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santo gallo

Pastelerías Esperanza

Mexican restaurant chains Pastelerías Esperanza and Santo Gallo deploys the nTAKE Digital Menu Board to streamline their communications across multiple locations. The simple plug-and-play solution allowed the chains to show dynamic and synchronized content on the digital menu boards. 


Alexandrium Shopping Center

Shopping center Rotterdam Alexandrium uses interactive digital wayfinding. With such a large ground of shopping space, the management of Rotterdam Alexandrium decided to give innovation such as digital signage and wayfinding a place in this modern shopping center.

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bolsa de madrid

Bolsa de Madrid Stock Exchange

Bolsa de Madrid (Madrid Stock Exchange) is the largest of Spain’s four stock exchanges. When it comes to the trading of stocks and bonds, nothing is more important than real-time information.

This flow of information can’t be disrupted; therefore a new and more sophisticated system was built and implemented. 

queen mary

The Queen Mary

The historic steamship The Queen Mary transforms itself from mode of transport to unique entertainment area and museum. It combines its classic Art Deco interior with modern technology to engage customers. The displays are running on reliable AOPEN Hardware to show historical content, attractions and way finding. 


Garmin Navigation Store Promotion

Garmin international is a marketleader in navigation and communications systems for the airforce, automotive, watersport and outdoor sectors. They are innovators in their area of expertise and this is also shown in their promotional activities. The company installed a digital signage solution in the window of one of their stores in Moscow, Russia. 

sporthaus schuster

Sporthaus Schuster 

Sporthaus Schuster is a sport shop in Germany with its headquarters in Munich, famous for its competence and authentic look and feel. With renovations coming up, Sporthaus Schuster decided to integrate Digital Signage into its retail concept with the help of AOPEN.  


Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona 

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) is Catalonia’s main public transport operator in Barcelona, covering the buses and metro network services in the city. With thousands of passengers a day riding the bus and metro networks in Barcelona, TMB provides users with real time public transport information along with general and practical information to enrich the journey. 

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