Pandemic Prevention

As global and local concerns on the COVID-19 pandemic continue to elevate, AOPEN is in a strong position to continue providing our products and services in these difficult times. How to enrich our offerings with safety and efficiency is our top focus now. From quick temperature checking kiosk, heat map tracking, to sanitary self-service kiosk with antimicrobial coating on the front glass, we provide different product portfolios across multiple industries for our partners and clients to continue their businesses in the safe and healthy way. With the ability to integrate peripherals like facial recognition hardware with temperature alerts, telemedicine, and complete touch screen cleaning package, we are ready to partner with you and also at the best service in any way we can during these challenging times. 

Providing customers with platform and service commitment in Application Computing Platform is our main factor that can be recognized by customers in terms of Smart Kiosk's core competitiveness.

AOPEN eTILE makes good use of digital core technology, using eTILE's Smart Kiosk customer experience is more interactive, interconnected in each store's online and offline business models, Smart Kiosk's digital signage solution can drive digital point of sale The system manages the peripheral interface of customer communication and interaction, and provides customers with a comprehensive in-store brand experience, and improves the end customer's business opportunity transaction rate with a click mode. 

Antimicrobial All-in-One


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During the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, it is of great importance to guide the cleaning operations of corporate users' touch screens in public areas. In order to reduce the spread of infections and diseases, AOPEN's commercial all-in-one touch screen is equipped with antibacterial Touch Glass. It is made of anti-scratch protective glass and is made of antibacterial agent to prevent pollution and odor-causing bacteria.

Antibacterial Commercial Touch All-in-One


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• With the AOPEN AiCU smart core, it is a domain knowledge design fully expected by retail store owners. It uses Smart Platforms to set up remote applications for Smart Kiosk through cloud platforms or corporate intranets. 
• Metal structure system of IP and IK specifications for commercial security the fanless ultra-thin borderless 
• IoT touch business information accelerates the commercialization of corporate brand commercials and catalog products, and the digitalization of video and audio in the application business model 
• Smart Kiosk AiO of Intel Kaby Lake mobile U
• Power Switch (wafer connector) for Vertical Application
• IPR design for IP65/IK08 Industrial Compliance 
• Ready for AOPEN AiCU Service Pac

Antibacterial Commercial Touch/Fanless All-in-One


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Product market life cycle for a long time, which greatly reduces the risk loss that business owners often face system changes or too short market life cycle

  • Smart Kiosk AiO of Intel Apollo Lake Quad Core J3455
  • Power Switch (wafer connector) for Vertical Application
  • Silentek Fanless Technology
  • IPR design for IP65/IK08 Industrial Compliance 
  • Ready for AOPEN AiCU Service Pack
Strategic Partners

Temperature monitoring is particularly important in the COVID-19 epidemic. AOPEN puts AI intelligent and visual technology as the core, puts forward auxiliary solutions for temperature monitoring, improves the reliability and efficiency of temperature screening, and records the temperature monitoring data of each person. According to the application needs of different numbers of people and fields, different suitable solutions are provided. At the same time, all data can be automatically recorded in the background, which is convenient for enterprises and managers to track and record in the future, and reports can also be exported. There is a seamless access control system, greatly reducing the transition period for enterprises to introduce new systems.

Non-contact Epidemic Prevention Solution

FaceInfo, Attendance ,management and Temperature monitoring auxiliary system

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Faceinfo is non-contact solution to manage attendance  and access control based on facial recognition, temperature detection, e-bulletin, it also can increase security level.

  • Temperature detection + Facial recognition + E-Bulletin + Access control + Attendance
  • Automatically record each one of employee or visitor status including temperature on system.
  • Facial Recognition Algorithms is 100% developed by ACER in Taiwan.
  • Facial Recognition Algorithms accuracy is up to 97.24% from MegaFace’s facial recognition dataset. 
  • Web-based UX
Facial Recognition Engine


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AVCP uses neural network-like deep learning to create international-level biometric algorithms. AVCP can ensure information security and personal data protection by relying on the local research team with international standards for self reliant development and key technology mastery. At the same time, we also innovate through customers' feedbacks to ensure that the application of security standards and AI facial recognition technology have the highest accuracy.

  • Facial recognition technology with high recognition rate developed 100% by Taiwan AI professional team
  • Provide age, gender, mood, anti-false face, and mask wearing modules, flexible adjustment and use, without occupying hardware resources
  • Lightweight AI recognition engine quickly implements enterprise AIoT applications
  • The best tool and AI solutions for software partners to assist in software development and usage
  • Optimization in edge computing and server performance
  • Supports multi-platform algorithms and unlimited platform compatibility
  • Support Windows 64/32 bit, Android OS and Linux
  • Provide API interface, easy to connect various applications
Thermal Camera & Heat Finder


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  • Thermographic camera can catch the goal who has the high temperature and target visitor immediately.
  • Camera temperature-warning setting system can support 6 individual temperature spots and detected areas for setting up the highest and lowest in environment of temperature situation.
  • T-Guard management background can reach the danger prompt and risk forecast.
  • Built in optics of full color and infrared camera with dual band development.
  • Supports Ethernet and WIFI.