HC1 Series

Dive deep into the game and immerse yourself in super sharp colors with up to WQHD 1800R curved display. Get lag free entertainment with NVIDIA® G-SYNC® Compatible, 144Hz refresh rate, and a 4ms response time.

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HC2 series

Get an extreme gaming experience with an HC2 monitor. Enjoy smoother gameplay with Radeon FreeSync™, greater immersion with the up to WQHD 1500R curved ZeroFrame display, and blur-free images with refresh rates of up to 165Hz.

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HC5 Series

Step into immersive gameplay and stunning visuals with an HC5 series monitor. With its curved FHD display, AMD® FreeSyncTM Technology, and 165Hz refresh rate, you’ll relish in seamless, blur-free gaming experiences.

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HX2 Series

Savor the immersive graphics of an up to FHD* TN display. Enjoy smooth video playback with a rapid 5ms response time. Your eyes will stay strain-free thanks to AOPEN VisionCare™ array of eye-protecting technologies.

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MH1 Series

Ideal for action games and FPS (First Person Shooter), the MH1 uses a 1920x1080 Full HD TN display to provide a faster response time of just 1ms. It’s also lag free thanks to its AMD® Radeon FreeSync™ and 144Hz refresh rate.

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MH2 series

Enjoy a superb gaming performance with a MH2 series monitor, featuring ultra-smooth, tear-free images thanks to Radeon FreeSync™ technology, a rapid 144Hz refresh rate, and a 4ms response time.

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ML1 Series

Ideal for MOBA games, the up to WQHD* display renders every detail in stunning clarity. Experience smooth, tear-free gameplay with AMD® Radeon FreeSync™ , and blur-free images thanks to 1ms Turbo Visual Response.

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ML2 Series

Perfect for FPS games, the FHD display lets you see every detail, every target. Enjoy smooth, tear-free gameplay with AMD® FreeSync™, while 1ms Turbo Visual Response ensures blur-free images as you blaze away.

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MV1 Series

Ideal for eSports and new gamers, AOPEN MV1 displays blend a high refresh rate, incredibly low response times, and HDR10 so that it not only keeps up with all the action, but looks great doing it.

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MX1 Series

Ideal for shooting and adventure games, the MX1 lets you experience a more lifelike world with up to WQHD* resolution and ghost-free images. Get lag free entertainment with AMD® Radeon FreeSync™, and 1ms response time.

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PG7 series

Free yourself from the desk with PG7 portable monitors. The USB-C connection makes setup a breeze, capable of transferring video, sound, and power over a single cable. The FHD IPS displays provide improved viewing angles of up to 170 degrees, while the thin and light design, mini-HDMI connection, and G-sensor automatic screen rotation functionality make these monitors perfect for doing business on-the-go.

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XC1 Series

AOPEN XC1 series Fire Legend monitors feature glorious curves and cutting edge gaming technology that makes gameplay smoother while delivering sharp images for an even more extreme game experience.

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XV2 Series

Master your gameplay with the ultra-quick visuals of an XV2 series monitor. These monitors feature AMD® FreeSync™ technology, low response times, and high refresh rates to give you that extra boost during the match.

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