AOPEN once more shows its know-how by squeezing even more power into the renowned Digital Engine Chassis

New Digital Engine 7400(XE): Xeon Based, Faster, Flexible and Secure


Rosmalen, January 9th, 2017 - AOPEN launches two new Digital Engines, the DE7400 and the Intel® XEON based DE7400XE. With these new devices, AOPEN proves that size does not have to influence speed, security and strength.


AOPEN, a major global electronics manufacturer and a thought leader in digital signage expand its specialisation within new verticals such as video surveillance, server solutions, analytics and data storage.


“With a focus on different verticals, including digital signage, Point of Sales and video surveillance, AOPEN is challenged to create faster, stronger and more flexible devices”, says Minouche Groen, Marketing Manager at AOPEN EMEA. “The DE7400XE is our newest example of what a small PC can do. Surpassing all other small devices known today, we excel in creating better, more ruggedized and faster technology over and over again.”


Don’t be fooled by its size, AOPEN once more shows its know-how by squeezing even more power into the renowned Digital Engine chassis. The DE7400 houses an Intel Skylake CPU, where the DE7400XE incorporates an Intel Xeon E3v5 CPU. Both handle 3 Independent UHD Screens, have HEVC (H.265) hardware acceleration and can drive 2-4 external SATA hard discs all at once.


High-end digital signage, video surveillance, analytics, virtualisation, SQL server or a combination of either is no problem for these Skylake based systems.


 AOPEN chose to add the DE7400 range to its market-leading Digital Engine platform. The reason for adding them to our portfolio is simple, says Minouche Groen. “Our customers demand more as computing technology evolves and software packages require more strength and speed, therefore we innovate through customer demand. Specializing in different verticals drives us to the next stage. In fact, the DE7400XE is the worlds smallest independent XEON System to date!”


AOPEN has the skill base and service to educate our partners. Not only for Digital Signage, but also for video surveillance, server solutions and analytics. With this skill set and the AOPEN video surveillance hardware platform AOPEN is about to conquer new verticals and prove its expertise in current verticals once more.



The DE7400XE houses an Intel Xeon E3v5 CPU handles 3 independent UHD screens, has full HEVC (H.265) hardware acceleration and can drive 4 external SATA hard disks; all at once. High-end Signage, video surveillance, analytics, virtualization, SQL server or a combination of either is no problem for this Skylake based system.


It is, in fact, the world’s smallest independent XEON system to date!



The DE7400 is an innovative X86 based powerhouse with new levels of graphics, speed and possibilities. The small size of the DE7400 combined with the Skylake based interior makes it one of the most powerful and flexible systems available to date. With the Intel® Skylake CPU, two HDMI ports and one Mini DP it is possible to drive three UHD screens (4K) at the same time. Therefore this DE7400 fears no challenge in serving as a media player for extreme Digital Signage, video surveillance NVR or any other situation.


“For AOPEN it is important to collaborate with partners to build better tools for everyone and gain mutual success by providing new devices and services”, says Minouche Groen. AOPEN works closely with specialists in the industry to get the most out of the hardware. “We understand that the collaboration between hardware and software is crucial for a successful deployment, hence we provide leading software companies with our hardware for testing purposes and certification. This also helps us improve our product line; since we are the original design manufacturer we have full control to change elements when needed.”



AOPEN creates hardware for different solutions in different scenarios, using our broad in-house knowledge as the backbone for the operation. As well as focusing on digital signage, our devices are also ideal for analytics, surveillance, vending, smart vision and many more.


With input from our partners, we manufacture products that drive your personalised solution. Driven by your wishes, our hardware powers static content such as menu boards, or animated content like a video wall. The hardware gathers the analytical information or process and serves this information to clients. We also have a wide range of all-in-one touch displays that provides the perfect interactive experience.


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CPU: Intel® XEON®

Video Outputs: 2x HDMI 1.4b, 1x miniDP

Resolution: 3x UHD (4K) @30Hz or 1x UHD (4K) @60Hz + 2x FHD





CPU: 6th Generation Intel® Core™

Video Outputs: 2x HDMI 1.4b, 1x miniDP

Resolution: 3x UHD (4K) @30Hz or 1x UHD (4K) @60Hz + 2x FHD