Chromebox Mini

Chromebox Series


  • Chrome Services
  • Operates in tough environments
  • Expertise

Device Features

  • Fanless and solid-state
  • Reliable
  • Possibility of Chrome Device Management Licence

Enseirb Matmea is an Engineering school in France. The initial idea was to inform students of information, beyond printed material of email. Because Enseirb Matmea is an engineering school, they wanted something more digital. Because of the fact that one of their graduates works at DynamicScreen, they decided to invite them as well. The DynamicScreen software seemed to be the complete solution for them and the personal support made the educational organisation choose DynamicScreen.

Using a Chromebox Mini, Enseirb Matmea has a safe and reliable Chrome OS system device that runs the signage.


The feedback from staff and students is positive. The students are the main target group and they mostly find the information about life as a student interesting. They now also go to staff asking to broadcast event information and more.