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Digital Signage Case Study - Revolt Car Charging Station with Digital Out Of Home Advertisement


DEX5550-W - Industrial Digital Signage Media Player


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Device Features

  • The DEX5550-W is an industrial media player
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range for outdoor applications
  • The fanless design prevents dust build-up and lowers maintenance costs


Revolt builds car charging station with digital out of home advertisement


Electric driving is not only becoming more necessary but also increasingly popular. 


By 2030, all new cars in the Netherlands are required to have an electric motor. As a result of the changing laws, electric car drivers want to park near their goal location while charging their cars.


This means that car charging stations are becoming more and more visible, but many companies with parking lots no longer want to invest in charging stations. This is because the costs of purchase, installation and maintenance are not just high but they are currently paid for by the property owner, instead of the car charging user.


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Digital signage has enabled innovation for electric car charging


Revolt devised a solution for car park property owners in which car-charging stations work in the form of a subscription.


With the Revolt HUB, the user pays. The same as refuelling, but with electricity.

The unique thing about this charging solution is the Revolt HUB: a charging station has two charging points and the option to advertise via digital-out-of-home advertisement via two 55'' displays.


At the charging station, relevant content can be displayed for visitors and passers-by via digital signage displays. The charging stations provide a premium appearance and a new way of addressing a target group. 


Enhanced targeting and insight capabilities


With digital out-of-home advertising, there is more insight into which people visit specific electric parking spots. This means that targeted digital advertisements have the opportunity to be more successful compared to those placed in generic locations. 


With this type of advertising, digital signage media players are needed in conjunction with the displays in order to control the interactive content and complete the concept of a multi-functional car charger.

Design & Development


During the development of the Revolt Hub, essential research was conducted into the design and development of charging stations. During which, Revolt discovered AOPEN, a digital signage media player manufacturer who had carried out a similar project for a company in the United States.


Revolt’s co-founder, Jeroen van de Ven, said about AOPEN: ''If you see from a comparable case that something works well, there is no need to look further. We now know for sure that we have quality!" 


The digital signage content now runs on the DEX5550-W, an industrial media player with a wide temperature range, making it extra suitable for outdoor applications. The fanless design prevents dust from accumulating in the system, resulting in a maintenance-free digital signage player with longevity.

To ensure proper integration of the AOPEN hardware, AOPEN searched within its partner network for a system integrator that perfectly matched Revolt's requirements. Windside Digital, an expert in digital signage and digital-out-of-home advertisement, was introduced to Revolt and proved to have an excellent strategic working relationship with them. 


Windside brought digital signage software and digital signage hardware together into one incredible solution and released the first implementation of the Revolt HUB within a year of the first contact.


Now, dozens of charging stations have the ability to display digital advertising when customers are charging at them. Among these new charging stations is the new Jumbo Visma head office in Den Bosch and the prestigious Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin in the Netherlands.


The Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin chose the Revolt HUBs because of their sustainability ambitions and to improve the visitor experience from the start of the visit.

So what will 2030 look like? 


The goal of Revolt is to become the iconic electric car-charging network for sustainable mobility, where their charging stations are impactful and 100% green.