United Kingdom

Chromebox Commercial

Chrome Series


  • Commercial grade quality
  • Reliable hardware
  • Experts in digital signage, POS and kiosk

Device Features

  • Secure Chrome OS
  • Ultra-thin 25 mm 
  • AC Power Auto Recovery
  • 3 Year warranty

Mall of America, the US's largest retail and entertainment destination, chose AOPEN and Express Image to provide a unique and customised commercial-grade wayfinding directory reducing destination shopping to less than 40sec. With over 100 digital directories to help guests navigate the 5.6-million-square-foot property with ease, this industry-leading project is the first of its size and scope in the country and is built on the AOPEN reliable commercial-grade Chromebox Commercial using the Chrome OS.

This revolutionary interactive wayfinding retail solution enables guests to browse directories with animated navigation in nine different languages, including ADA-accessible routes. It also offers SMS with step-by-step routes and live text with a digital concierge. AOPEN Commercial-grade hardware was critical for the successful deployment. The Chromebox Commercial was selected based on its size, strength, and security, and fits securely behind kiosk-sized displays. The digital directories are built on the Google Chrome OS platform and optimised by Google management platform.

Built on AOPEN commercial-grade products, the customised digital directories offer Mall of America guests a unique branded experience while collecting customer analytics. Since deployment, Mall of America has seen an average guest search time drop from over 3 minutes to less than 40 seconds. This dramatic improvement provides the 40 million annual guests the ultimate retail, attraction, and dining information experience.