United Kingdom

Chromebox Commercial

Chromebox Series


  • Chrome Services
  • Operates in tough/greasy environments
  • Expertise

Device Features

  • Fanless and solid-state
  • Drives two Full HD screens
  • Possibility of Chrome Device Management Licence

Lekkerrr, a snackbar in the Netherlands was thinking of purchasing a second register. The queues were too long and they wanted this experience to change and be more customer-friendly.

Instead of finding a second register and having to search for another member of staff to cover this, they stumbled upon a self-ordering kiosk. This self-ordering kiosk is an integrated solution of de partnership between AOPEN as a hardware manufacturer, Next to Food as a system integrator and De Digitale for software and content.

The kiosk includes the AOPEN Chromebox Commercial, this device easily runs Full HD screens. The device is fanless and solid-state. It is also highly reliable and has a small form factor, which makes it perfect for applications such as the Lekkerrr self-ordering kiosk. Furthermore, the device is capable of running in environments that are as demanding as Lekkerrr, where high temperatures, grease and moist are rules more than the exception.

The result of implementing the self-ordering kiosk is a decrease in long queues at this high-end snackbar. Also, they measured that when people order at the self-ordering kiosk, they spend an average of 36,5% more than at the register. Customers also respond positively to the new kiosk. They find it easy to use and overall the ordering goes faster in their opinion, making the purchase flow more efficient.