United Kingdom

Chromebase Mini

Chrome Series



  • Commercial-grade Chrome
  • Price/quality ratio
  • A long relationship with partner

Device Features

  • Secure Chrome OS
  • Fanless
  • Mount/Embed on the wall

The AOPEN and Acer portfolio complement each other very well, due to AOPEN’s commercial-grade hardware and Acer’s consumer-grade hardware.

The best example would be the Chrome line, where Acer provides Chromebooks and consumer Chromebases, AOPEN provides the Chromeboxes and commercial-grade Chromebases to create an office or school, fully equipped with top-of-the-line Chrome products.

The Acer Europe SA office has a building automation system that is partially controlled with a wall-mounted touchscreen computer, located in different areas of the office. This allows easy control over the lighting and intensity, ventilation (speed and temperature) and curtains. When some touchscreens began to no longer function properly, Acer found a valid replacement in the AOPEN Chromebase Mini, because of its fanless state and the possibility to be mounted on a recessed wall.

The Chromebase Mini is an all-in-one touch display, running on Chrome OS. The 10’’ display fits perfect in educational or corporate environments as room booking solution and Chrome OS is very secure, making them even more ideal.