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DE Series


Engine Core Series



  • Robust and reliable hardware
  • Expertise in the market
  • Network of partners
  • Services

Device Features

  • Intel Xeon E3v5 CPU handles 3 independent UHD screens
  • Dual 1 Gb LAN
  • Minisas connector to connect 4 SATA devices
  • Full HEVC (H265) hw acceleration

Van Domburg Partners has long been AOPEN's valued partner and distributor. They specialise in video surveillance, video analytics and digital signage. As a distributor, they discuss the newest solutions with AOPEN.

The newest developments in the market are, for instance, Heatmapping. With software partner Vizualize, you can see where your customers visit in the store and how long they stand before an aisle and a certain product. For surveillance, a software partner designed software to ensure that any inconsistency is noticed by the system to keep your business safe. For the digital signage van Domburg Partners uses AOPENs Digital Engines, which can be stored in the Engine Core.

The Engine Core 650 can hold up to 6 Digital Engines (including adapter 90W or 65W). The construction allows for integration into a data centre, so all players are secured in a central environment. The cooling and cable management also provide for a sustainable solution that drives down TCO by lowering energy costs.