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Milestone, Video Management Software, Motion Detection

Milestone Systems A/S

Milestone Systems is a leading provider of open video management software.


AOPEN is also a Gold Technology partner for Milestone. This means AOPEN has a certified design engineer and integration technician to help customers set up video technology networks. On top of that AOPEN and Milestone are partners in an Intel RFP Ready Solution with SAIMOS and Intel.


AOPEN and Milestone focus on video surveillance solutions together and work with analytics partners to create multiple security solutions.


IP Video System, Security Solutions, Cybersecurity, Video Surveillance, IP Cameras


MOBOTIX is a surveillance camera manufacturer and video management software, partner.


MOBOTIX is especially interesting with three items: MOBOTIX Cameras for video feeds, the MOBOTIX HUB as a video management platform and the MOBOTIX NAS to increase storage. Combined with AOPEN this security solution handles up to 64 cameras!


AOPEN and MOBOTIX focus on video surveillance solutions using network video recorders, cameras, a video management platform and extra storage.


SAIMOS, Video Analytics, Geographic Information systems, LiDAR, Security, Retail


SAIMOS® is a Video Analytics software provider, which seamlessly integrates with Milestone XProtect®. 


Their video analytics work in security and retail, where analytics are a solution for multiple analytical challenges. AOPEN and SAIMOS are also partners in an Intel RFP Ready Solution with Milestone Systems and Intel called AOPEN Digital Safety Solutions for security in retail.


AOPEN and SAIMOS focus on analytical solutions, such as perimeter protection, object detection/loitering and dynamic blurring.