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Visiology International is a consultant and software developer company committed to promoting Polywall control room software globally. Polywall software has been evolving continuously since 2009 (Polywall 1.0), and nowadays (Polywall 3.5) accommodates all modern industry-standard features required in the control room environment, as well as unique top-range features dedicated to budget-saving, the convenience of the project implementation and excellent customer experience.


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  DEV7610-X6 HDMI-In, Six Screens, Video Wall, Control Room, Intel CPU, Windows OS  
  DEV7610-X6 HDMI-in  







Visiology, Polywall, Control Room Software, NOC, network operating centre

NOC Leaflet


Be in control with a network operating centre, using AOPEN hardware and Visiology Polywall Control Room Software.


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Visiology, Polywall, Control Room, Software, Videowall, SOC, Security Operation Centre

SOC Leaflet


Create a comprehensive security environment and keep track of all visual information at once using a videowall.


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Visiology, Polywall, Betting Offices, HDMI-in, Videowall, Control Room Software

Betting Offices Leaflet


Bet on the outcome using an AOPEN and Polywall solution. Combine multiple displays to show one race, or give each race its own display.


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Visiology, Polywall, Digital Signage Software, Video wall, HDMI-in, Operating Centre

Sports Bar Leaflet


AOPEN and Polywall offer a flexible and easy-to-use solution for sports bar setups. Wacht the game and schedule at your convenience.


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Visiology, Polywall, Digital Signage Software, Digital Signage Media Player, Product Video

Product Video


Find out more about the hardware ports and capabilities and learn how Polywall software works!


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Visiology, Polywall, Digital Signage Software, Control Room Software, Hardware Certified

Control Room Bundle


AOPEN and Polywall present a compact commercial-grade solution for moderate-sized control rooms.


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