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PADS4, developed by NDS, is the most complete platform for your smart digital building solutions. We offer you all the tools to create a data-driven user experience within your organization. 


Our platform consists of four modules; digital signage, workspace, wayfinding and IoT. Whether using one individual module or combining all of them, PADS4 helps to get the most out of a building. Our modules improve the efficiency and well-being of building users, and much more.


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Desk Management, Visitor Management, Roombooking, smart building, panel pc, touchscreen, display, meeting room management, huddle room, booking system DE3450, digital signage media player, windows-based, windows os, IoT, digital signage, mini PC, embedded PC
eTILE-1032TB Windows-based Digital Signage Players


Shared Experiences



PADS4, AOPEN, ISE, Integrated Systems Europe, ISE 2018, ISE 2019, Digital Signage, Visitor Management, IoT



PADS4 has been present on the AOPEN stand at ISE multiple times, for interactive menu boards, ordering systems or simple digital signage.


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meeting room management, desk management, visitor management, IoT, digital signage, software developer

Partners for 25 years


PADS4 was founded in 1994 and AOPEN in 1996. From the start of AOPEN, PADS4 and AOPEN have been working together, meaning hundreds or even thousands of solutions world-wide!


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digital signage media player, meeting room management, desk management, smart building, visitor management, IoT, airport, flight information system

Hardware Partner


Due to 25 years of shared experience and knowledge in the digital signage market, AOPEN has its own page on the PADS4 website!


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