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Image Services



General Windows images

AOPEN is able to provide you with general Windows images. Currently, we work with Windows 10 IoT, because this OS serves the general demand in the market today. This image is optimised for digital signage and is based on our many years of experience. This general image is developed for digital signage, surveillance and analytics, kiosks/vending, corporate communication and POS. If you prefer to have a custom image, this is also among the possibilities.


Custom images

AOPEN is able to provide an operating system adapted to your wishes for your devices. This means you don't have to install, configure and optimise the Operating System for each device. Furthermore, this image will not change prior to your approval and/or request. The result is a reliable, time- and cost saving OS for your system.


Multi-bundle image

Our multi-bundle image is an optimised Windows 10 IoT image with multiple applications for digital signage and surveillance. The applications are included with the OS with applications are included so you only have to select the software package you want to install.


Pre-imaging service

Our pre-imaging service makes sure a general, custom, multi-bundle or your own image will be installed on your devices. This prevents you from having to install everything yourself.


Windows recovery stick

In the unlikely case, a system crashes, a recovery stick can easily reset the system to its default settings. A recovery stick contains the Operating System as it was during production and makes sure your system will be recovered in approximately 10 minutes after starting it.