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Tailor-made solutions for specific needs



AOPEN is an innovation specialist with an extensive R&D program that allows us to anticipate the future needs of our customers across a wide range of different specialisations.

AOPEN can service the entire supply chain from hardware design, custom manufactured devices and consulting services. Furthermore, AOPEN is a major OEM provider of technology to some of the biggest consumer brands in the world.

AOPEN combines commercial-grade hardware with an advanced design. Our products are uniquely positioned to offer industrial strength with the style and aesthetics of high-end consumer gadgets.


We are not a typical hardware manufacturer

Our love of innovation and creative design means we are always interested in groundbreaking ideas, and we’re excited to partner up in order to build pilots and concepts. With our cutting-edge in-house manufacturers and designers, AOPEN is able to build technology that is able to resolve any business challenge.






Sometimes bright ideas start small

and AOPEN can help connect the dots

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