Certified Partners


AOPEN has a lot of partners with whom we worked together in the past as AOPEN hardware is agnostic. However, some of our software partners are even officially certified. These are the partners displayed on the AOPEN website. Is the software partner you're looking for not on our website? Contact us!




Digital Signage, Media Player, Industrial player, Computer, PC Self-Service Kiosk, POS, Point-of-Sale, Payment Terminal, Self-Ordering Kiosk Enterprise, Corporate Communication, Meeting Room Management

Digital Signage Partners


Digital Signage solutions require more than just the digital signage media player that is the base of the solution. AOPEN digital signage partners are manufacturers of displays, monitors or LED walls. They are digital signage software partners to create digital advertisements, interactive menu boards, billboard ads or video wall content.


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Self-Service Kiosk Partners


The self-service industry is growing, not that the world is becoming more automated. Use self-service for wayfinding in malls, self-ordering and point of sale (POS) in restaurants and QSR. Upgrading museums and ''experience'' museums to the digital age are also popular where touchscreens are built into tables for leisure and informational games.


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Smart Building Partners


Automating a building is a big job. Everything needs to be in sync and different systems need to be integrated. A Smart Building entails a lot. It uses meeting room software, informational digital signage software, and software to control your building environments, such as lighting and temperature. Combine it all into a smart building.


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Surveillance, Network Video Recorder, Analytics, Security Footage, IP Camera Medical IT, Medical-grade hardware, Imaging, X-Ray imaging, MRI imaging, medical-grade Box PC, medical-grade Panel PC, medical-grade Display, medical-grade Touchscreen Digital School, Smart Classroom, Drawing board, Google School, Apple School

Surveillance & Analytics Partners


In surveillance and analytics, you use video management software to view and record (live) video feeds. AOPEN doesn't just have VMS partners, but also surveillance analytics partners, who can track, count, recognise and optimise processes and security.


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Medical IT Partners


AOPEN partners are all active in the medical IT world and have the necessary certifications. Aside from medical box PCs, medical IT stretches to medical computer carts, telemedicine, monitor support arms and computer workstations. 


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Education Partners


In education, Chrome OS is becoming increasingly popular. It's simple and secure and widely known as an operating system. In education, our partners are mainly on the hardware side. Think of displays and interactive whiteboards.


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Digital Signage, Media Player, Industrial player, Computer, PC

Industrial Partners


Industrial process automation is a difficult process and depends a lot on the hardware being able to process the data and connect to the machinery, but also the software designed to create the process in itself. Take a look at our partners! 


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