What is a digital school?


There's a difference between a digital school and a smart classroom. A smart classroom is an upgraded classroom that enhances teaching and learning processes by using audio, video, animations, multimedia and more. It uses interactive whiteboards, smart tables and offers the possibility of remote learning. As everything is digital, there's far less paper being wasted. 


A digital school incorporates all smart classrooms, but also looks at the school as a whole. A school has more digital aspects than just digital learning, such as surveillance, digital signage in the form of announcements, check-in systems, processes for staff and students to call in sick for instance.


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Solutions in a digital school



What are the benefits of a digital school?


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For teachers

At the start of a digital transformation, all teachers need to be properly trained in the digital methods so they can keep teaching as they always have. In the case of an interactive whiteboard combination with an OPS, this is pretty intuitive. They can also use all the preferred apps and a system is secured properly. 


Manageability for teachers with digital systems also reduces downtime and the OPS switches on as soon as the whiteboard does. 








For students

Students get trained with technology from an early age. They can also use personal equipment or equipment provided by the school.


They will also learn in an interactive manner using games to learn. Via remote learning, they are also able to follow classes when they can't make it to school. 

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For school admins/decision-makers

School administrators and decision-makers will have to make a big investment at first, but afterwards, they will save lots of money on paper, which is also good for the environment! Technology is also very secure when a TPM is implemented and other security reasons are being made. 


The maintenance costs will reduce due to management systems and the AOPEN OPS for instance has an MTBF of 50.000 hours, which ensure longevity. 






How to digitize a school?



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Invest in Tech

Train Staff

Design Online Curricula

First, you need to assess which technologies the school already uses. Based on that analysis, you can create a framework for implementing IT Service Management. The network currently in place can then be combined with new technologies. Think of data cabling and management, AV systems, and heating and cooling.  The first investment is big, but technology provides possibilities that paper can't give. It's important to start thinking about the Learning Management System that your teachers want to use. If they prefer Google Classroom, Chromebooks are the way to go, but if they prefer a more agnostic LMS, Windows-based devices can be used without much training for teachers needed. Depending on the devices that the school plans on using, you need to train teachers to use all new technologies. Let them familiarize themselves with the new hardware, software and learning management system. Paperless curricula differ from online ones. Online creates possibilities that offline can't. There are trends to keep into consideration, but also skills that become more important, such as coding. 






Which hardware do you use?



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