DEX Series


  • Wide temperature range
  • Low TCO
  • Suitable for tough environments

Device Features

  • TPM 2.0
  • Small form factor
  • High-performance Intel CPU

Madurodam is a theme park with miniatures of the Netherlands. Important Dutch highlights are visible here, such as the Sint-Jan church, Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam and the Hague. In this park, you can visit the main Dutch sites in just one day!

Madurodam wanted to make the park a bit more interactive, for which they wanted a digital solution. They came across the option to implement kiosks in the park with screens to make the park more interactive for children as well as adults. The kiosk is upgraded with an RFID scanner for visitors passes that visitors can scan to play the content.

Since the introduction of the kiosks, a lot of positive responses have come in. The goal of creating more interaction has definitely been reached. The kiosks offer videos, but you can also play games in the video.