eTILE Series



  • Stylish design
  • Easy set-up
  • Peripheral options

Device Features

  • Handles shock and vibrations with ease
  • Tamperproof design
  • IP65 dust- and waterproof design


Visual Display had the challenge from a hotel client to make the queueing system they used to check-in more efficient. The system consists of an eTILE 19M-FW and a 10’’ display at the hotel desk itself. The end-customer required a solution with an easy installation, Wi-Fi options to reduce the number of cables and a system that can play videos to increase sales.

The system consists of an eTILE 19M-FW in the lobby and a 10’’ display at the counter. The 19’’ AOPEN screen is connected to a printer, which prints your number as soon as you tap the screen. On the 10’’ display the number on call will show. The computer of the desk clerk shows a simple system in which a simple click next for the next person in line ensures a smooth and efficient queue.