Interactive kiosk and vending systems at government institutions can vary. In city hall, for instance, a ticketing system for queues is very common and is also an efficient way to stop long queues from developing. Other ways are checking-in and receiving a day pass. In these situations, an integrated kiosk with all-in-one touch displays is the perfect fit. Combine with Windows or Chrome, depending on your wishes, and choose the right size for your solution.

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Smart Kiosk in Finance/Banking

In finance and banking institutions queueing is inevitable. With a queueing system you are able to provide a better service to your clientele and prevent annoyances from emerging. Furthermore, kiosks can be used as an information provider. Questions such as: ''what is the exchange rate?'' can now be answered by automatically. Interactive touch displays are the best hardware for these solutions since the computer is integrated within the touchscreen, which creates a reliable and tamperproof solution.

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Smart kiosk and Education

An example of a smart kiosk in education is the registration kiosk. This solution creates a clear overview of the whereabouts of students, staff and visitors. The information can be used for performance evaluation or an efficient evacuation in case of an emergency. The AOPEN all-in-one touch displays are created for solutions like this, can be placed as a stand alone or in a kiosk, have multiple outputs for peripherals such as RFID readers and scanners and are tamperproof.

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Smart kiosks for Gaming / Entertainment

What would the casino world be without the interactive displays that show the different kinds of fruit that need to align on the slot machine? Aside from the slot machines, there's also the possibility digital screens in betting stores where customers can place bets or collect information regarding a previous bet. In gaming we emphasise the importance of hardware created for commercial environments, customer use and 24/7 operation. With AOPEN hardware you make sure you make the right choice.

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Smart kiosks for QSR

These self-service ordering kiosks create an interactive method for customers to use when ordering. The customer selects the items they want to purchase, enter special requirements and receive a table stand with a tracker. Via a screen in the kitchen, staff knows where the order should be served. For kiosks like this there are two hardware options: an all-in-one touch device or a media player with separate touch screens. AOPEN provides both the all-in-one touch display and the media player.

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Smart kiosks in Healthcare

In medical institutions smart kiosks can be used to make a new appointment with your specialist, or to pay for the visit you just had. A smart kiosk is a solution that ensures staff are able to do their real job: taking care of people, while the rest is automated. An all-in-one touch display is the perfect fit in these scenarios. Especially because healthcare institutions require special tests and certificates. AOPEN is capable of arranging all of these for you.

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Smart kiosks in Retail

In retail, interactive kiosks are very popular. Think of looking around in your favourite shop and after deciding what you want, you can place the order at the kiosk. Click-and-collect services are available in a variety of stores, or outside a store for 24/7 use. In commercial environments it's key that hardware can be operated by different target groups, is tamper proof and available 24/7. And on these features AOPEN has got you covered.

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Smart kiosks in Transportation

Purchase tickets via an interactive kiosk or load subscriptions or budget onto a public transportation card. You can also install kiosk systems where customers fill in their place of departure and destination to calculate their route. Wide temperature ranges, possible tampering and the ability to run 24/7 are required features for the hardware. AOPEN hardware is specifically designed for these situations and will ensure a device that is safe from it’s environment.

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