DE Series


  • Multi-display capabilities
  • Media-rich applications
  • Product versatility
  • Low costs of ownership (low power consumption)
  • Reliable products

Device Features

  • HD Graphics
  • Reliable for 24/7 operation
  • AMD embedded solution
  • Four output player to drive video walls

The FCBotiga Megastore is a three-story store located on the Camp Nou premises and offers official FC Barcelona and Nike Football products. They combined the AOPEN Digital Engine and TMT Factory to add a ''wow-factor'' to the store.

The ''wow-factor'' was added by automating the popular personalised shirt printing, which also makes the store more interactive and decreases queue lengths. TMT Factory is a great combination with the AOPEN DE6340 media players with AMD technology to power the displays and their media applications. BroadSign Digital Signage software was installed to efficiently schedule, manage and play content on the screens.

In the first four months after the Digital Lockers went live, FCBotiga saw an increase of 22% in sales on personalised shirts! According to the TMT Factory CEO, the Digital Locker brings back the element of fun. The store also minimised waiting times as queues are shorter and the decision-making unit has been shortened as a result of product visualisation.