Digital Signage Case Study - Lee Fish Information System Using Chromebase & Chromebox


chromebox commercial

Chromebox Commercial

Chromebox Series

Chromebase commercial

Chromebase Commercial

Chromebase Series



  • Diversity of products
  • Reliable and secure hardware
  • Network of partners


Digital Signage Device Features

  • Tough and tamperproof design
  • User-friendly
  • Chrome Device Management Licence
  • Low maintenance 
  • Intuitive system




Hospitality Digital Signage Information System


The Lee Fish Group created an environment in which a bistro, a fishmonger, a takeaway and the El Pescador cooking studio & event location all run. They were therefore looking for a way to inform guests about their activities without losing their focus on hospitality, quality and aesthetics.

Network-Based Digital Solution


To communicate Lee Fish’s benefits to guests, Littlebit Technology developed a network-based solution with system integrator ARP. The AOPEN all-in-one Chromebase Commercial touch displays function as welcome screens, but are also used at the fishmongers sales counter. For the cooking workshop the screens function as a registry. Go Pro cameras, a big screen and an AOPEN Chromebox ensure good visibility and real-time information of the chef´s cooking during the cooking workshops.