DE Series


  • Cost-effective product line
  • Powerful media players
  • Stable and reliable

Device Features

  • AiCU technology
  • UHD playback and excellent connectivity
  • Ultra-thin and fanless design
  • Industrial grade power

The books from the German-based initiative, Taste Twelve, allow food lovers to explore unique and carefully selected restaurants throughout various German cities. Each book holds a gift certificate for a main course at one of the restaurants. To make the added value of the coupons that are incorporated in the book more visible, Taste Twelve wanted to display the books whilst explaining the complete concept.

The AOPEN In-Store Showcase was able to show and explain the concept of the book to the customers. The transparent display allows the graphics to be displayed in front of the actual product. Supported by the AOPEN Digital Engine, the In-Store Showcase provides a stable platform for this form of product presentation.

Over Christmas, the In-Store Showcase made a real impact. The display was installed near the entrance and caused a massive increase in brand awareness. During the three months of displaying the books, the feedback from shoppers and employees was very positive, according to Jochen Schmelzer, the brain behind Taste Twelve.