C-Tile Series

The C-Tile Series is a series of all-in-one interactive touch screens, based on the Chrome operating system. With a Chromebox Mini integrated in the back, these devices have the possibility of Chrome Device Management, which comes in handy in for instance educational environments. The C-Tile devices have a fanless and solid-state design and are available in 15, 19 and 22 inch.

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Chromebase Commercial

The Chromebase Commercial 22” is an ultra-thin display especially designed for commercial use. It's Full HD LCD screen enhances every interactive experience.

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Chromebase Mini

Due to the possibility of Chrome Device Management and the reliability of this device, high traffic environments are a piece of cake.

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Chromebook Commercial Tab

The Chromebook Commercial Tab is AOPENs’ first hand-held device. This tablet is specially designed for commercial environments and functions as logistical system in transportation, ordering system in QSR or hospitality or patient logs in healthcare. This Chromebook Commercial Tab is unique from other tablets for one reason only: It's ruggedized!

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