Digital Signage Case Study - LED Video Wall in Tawar Mall (Doha, Qatar)



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  • Reliable digital  signage hardware
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Digital Signage Device Features


  • Intel CPU supports 3 screens
  • Small form factor
  • EC650 houses up to six Digital engines


Digital Signage Network for a Shopping Mall


Company in Doha, Qatar and is specialized in mall advertising and outdoor campaigns. It’s the first company to implement a digital signage network inside a shopping mall in Qatar, and to use Broadsign and Quividi software. Tawar Mall is one of the largest malls in the country and has counted on the expertise of Dooha Media to digitize their façade located at one of the busiest intersections of Doha.

Displaying Advertising Content Using LED Video Walls


LED video walls are a prominent way to show content and attract and engage customers. For this undertaking multiple partners were considered for the job. Dooha-media implemented the 805 m2 outdoor network, which is one of the biggest networks in the region. The software partner of the project: Broadsign recommended working with AOPEN and to use AOPEN digital signage media players as the backbone of the solutions.

Digital Signage Hardware for Mall Advertisement


Out-of-home advertisement is big these days, because it’s twice as likely to be seen and 2,5 times more impactful than regular signage*. The digital out-of-home mall advertisement has taken a relevant share in the market, since Dooha-media started these kinds of projects in 2014 and now, the biggest brands of Qatar are using this solution to promote their campaigns as well as many tenants of the mall.

Because out-of-home advertisement is so impactful and runs 24/7, this sort of advertisement needs digital signage hardware that is extremely reliable.

The network of Tawar Mall consists in 3 different LED screens type: Portrait screens, Curved screens and Corner screens all able to play static, animation and video content.

In order to ensure a tear-free and true-to-life visual, Dooha-media required a hardware partner to drive all of these screens. They chose AOPEN, because of their reliable hardware, low TCO and the small-form-factor of the Digital Engine range. The AOPEN DE7400 was chosen because it powers 3x UHD (4K) screens. It’s fast, flexible and secure. The Engine Core 650 houses all of the DE7400’s that power the 3 video wall solutions. The Engine Core 650 can house up to six Digital Engines, because of that the mall was ensured all hardware was stored safely, and fitted into the server room that already existed.


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