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AOPEN Commercial All-in-Ones devices are perfect for dusty environments. Due to the design, dust doesn’t bother the device and ensures better operability. It also provides for a more silent model, which is suitable for environments such as museums etc.

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Chrome All-in-Ones

Chrome all-in-one is an ultra-thin display especially designed for commercial use. It's Full HD LCD screen enhances every interactive experience. Due to the possibility of Chrome Device Management and the reliability of this device, high traffic environments are a piece of cake.

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Industrial All-in-One PC

Industrial panel PCs are all-in-ones used in industrial environments. They are stronger, better equipped to handle shocks and vibrations and can be operated with gloves.

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Medical Displays

The Medical Touchscreen Monitors meet the EN/UL 60601-1 medical certification standards and are used in consultation rooms in healthcare. The medical-grade touch monitor works with gloves and has an IP65 dust- and waterproof front panel.

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Open Frame Displays

Open Frame Monitors are implemented for the sound structure they provide after mounting them to a screen. This is easy due to the VESA mounting options.

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AiCU (AOPEN intelligent Control Unit)

The AiCU is a Remote Device Management tool, which allows you to control your network devices from a distance. It works via cloud-based portal where you can control in-band and out-of-band features.

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Transformez votre écran tactile tout-en-un en une solution fonctionnelle avec les périphériques AOPEN.

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