Chromebase Mini                        Chromebase Commercial

                                             Chromebase Mini                                 Chromebase Commercial                                

                                                 Chromebase Series                                         Chromebase Series


  • Cost-effective solution
  • Commercial Chrome technology
  • Strong design

Device Features

  • Chrome Device Management
  • Robust and secure
  • Deployed rapidly and cost-effectively

Nightlife’s main product used to be an android app that ran on an off-the-shelf device. The operating system limited the functionality they could deliver, the set-up was time-consuming, and a deployment taskforce had to install software and physically go to each site to maintain each device. 

Nightlife chose meldCX as the platform to build apps for their AOPEN devices. This immediately delivered four clear benefits:


  • They have significantly more time to focus on building a much better product with more features that customers want.
  • The cloud platform means they get apps out the door much more quickly, at what they refer to as “an unprecedented scale”. “That is what meldCX does, it brings our product to life, and we can scale it at ease, at a cost that has made the whole process so accessible.”
  • They quickly detect any problem in the field, recover from the problem rapidly, and prevent it from happening again.


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About meldCX

meldCX is an affiliated company within the Acer and AOPEN groups. Its flagship product, meldCX, is a cloud-based application integration hub that melds or integrates multiple apps into one operating system.

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