AOPEN® Launches Edge Visual Hardware Solutions for Machine Learning

Simplifying Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Retail and Industrial Clients

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- AOPEN®, a global technology company that specializes in smart products and services for cloud-based applications, has announced its new machine vision line of AI-enabled edge visual computing Digital Engines, optimized for rapid and seamless deployment of edge-computing solutions. With increased adoption of cloud-based analytics and machine vision applications, showing massive growth and demand in both retail and in industrial environments, AOPEN releases its DEV Series: three new Digital Engine products to power future-proof applications over the next decade.

The AOPEN DEV Series powers AI applications in smart retail and smart manufacturing through algorithm testing with hardware performance benchmarks. Built on leading machine learning processors from Intel and NVIDIA, these high-performance AOPEN edge computing products are suited to applications ranging from advanced facial recognition to industrial control - verifying identity, quality, safety, and compliance.

"This next generation of AOPEN is focused squarely on the solutions we are developing with partners," said Aaron Pompey, General Manager, AOPEN America. "To power these solutions, AOPEN is expanding its product portfolio with high-performance Digital Engines for future-state industrial applications, including machine vision and AIoT."

The DEV5400 is designed for 24/7 operation and configured for visual computing tasks. Its built-in Intel® Movidius Al accelerator rapidly and accurately processes data from high-frame-rate or high-density and excels at quick implementation across retail, government, and industrial environments. The DEV7610 is a high-performance visual computing solution powered by the NVIDIA® Graphics card, performing massive Al tasks and processing high-performance (facial) recognition at the edge. Its high-performance 3D makes the DEV7610 excellent for retail analytics applications. The soon to be released DEV8430 is a high-performance workstation - for powerful desktop applications or running demanding tasks on the edge. Supporting multiple HD cameras, it runs multiple high-level tasks simultaneously.

Founded in 1996, AOPEN® is a global technology company specializing in industrial and commercial products and global certified services, including industrial PC (IPC) products for process control and data acquisition, as well as Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) technologies. AOPEN enables its partner ecosystem with edge solutions that automate industrial and commercial applications for top global brands. Part of the ACER® group, AOPEN has a presence in over 100 countries.

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DEV5400 compact visual computing engine

The DEV5400 is a compact (0.7L) computing engine device designed for 24/7 use. It’s configured for visual computing tasks. The built-in Intel® Movidius™ AI accelerator can rapidly and accurately process data from high-framerate or high-density cameras. The DEV5400 is suited for implementation in retail, government, and industrial environments. The DEV5400 supports the OpenVINO toolkit and deployments can run optimized inferencing codes on Intel® CPU and MovidiusTM VPU straight out of the box.

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DEV7610 High-performance Computing Engine

The DEV7610 is a high-performance visual computing engine supported by the NVIDIA® Graphics card. The DEV7610 is designed to perform high-end AI tasks and process high-performance (facial) recognition. The DEV7610 combines the 8th Generation Intel® Coreä processor with Intel® Optane™ technology and an NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti in a chassis that is barely 2 inches high. The DEV7610 is perfect for implementation in almost any environment. Its high 3D performance makes the DEV7610 excellent for visual tasks where it can be an extension of its (3D) Digital Signage performance.

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DEV8430 Superior Deep Learning

With the DEV8430, AOPEN has created a high-performance workstation that is used for training, deep learning and inferencing. Because of its design, the DEV8430 is used as a desktop workstation and it’s capable of running demanding tasks with the power of an Intel® Core processor and a full range of NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX card, as well as the Tesla® P4 and T4 cards. With support for multiple HD cameras, a single DEV8430 can run several high-level tasks simultaneously. With a robust aluminium case for excellent thermal performance, the DEV8430 is ready for operation in any environment.

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