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The AOPEN eTILE 19M-FP2 is a slim, commercial and industrial all-in-one interactive touch display. This panel PC has an Intel® Celeron® CPU and has a protective bezel to avoid screen cracks. With its IK07, IPX2 and IP65 grade compliance and 7H hardness front panel, the touchscreen is perfect for kiosk applications.

Slim Form Factor

This all-in-one touch solution has a slim form factor. Meaning, the depth of the screen is less than 35 mm thick. This feature is important for integration into (slim) kiosks or walls. Because of this feature, the eTILE is perfect for use in kiosks, POS or as interactive retail screens.

IP65 Dust and Waterproof

The front panel of all AOPEN all-in-one touch solutions is dust and waterproof. With the IP65 grade, this device is safe from water and dust. Because of the edge-to-edge glass, this means that cleaning is easy and customers with food and drinks are of no threat.

AOPEN intelligent Control Unit (AiCU)

In the current fast-moving digital world, cloud-based management is essential. AiCU provides remote device control on both hard- and software levels and creates an advantage for any business. Improve the general device maintenance process with AiCU service and save on costs, time and effort.

Protective Bezel

This eTILE range is, exterior wise, different from the normal eTILE series because of the extra protective bezel. This bezel prevents the glass from breaking when used in stand-alone mode or when integrated into a production process.

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