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The C-Tile 22 Gen II is Panel PC running on Chrome OS. It's the successor of the Chromebase and runs on an Intel® Celeron™ with built-in Bluetooth4.2 and WiFi802.11ac. This Chrome all-in-one touchscreen has a metal chassis, a protective bezel, but is still operable with gloves made from Nitrile and Latex. With a Chrome operating system comes the option for remote management control, in the form of Chrome Remote Desktop.

Fanless design

The eTILE-X Range, the eTILE M-FB, eTILE M-FP2 Range and all AOPEN Chrome devices are passively cooled. This means the solution is fanless. This results in a quieter device that is dustproof and solid-state. Thereby, an AOPEN device is perfect for integration in dusty, greasy and quiet environments.

Bluetooth capabilities

The Chromebases have built-in Bluetooth 3.0 or 4.0. To enhance connectivity and options for integrations. These devices connect to mobile devices, which make them perfect for an interactive retail solution.

Supports Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop provides a simple, fast and secure way to manage unlimited networks of Commercial Chrome devices such as the AOPEN C-Tiles and Chromebase Mini. This easy and powerful tool allows users to remotely control entire fleets of AOPEN Commercial Chrome devices.

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