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The DE6340 P is capable of supporting four UHD (4K) displays, such as video walls and menu boards.

Multi-output video wall solution

This player is a multi-output solution. This means one player drives up to four screens. Computing devices with this feature are the perfect backbone for video walls and other multi-screen solutions. These include symmetrical and asymmetrical video walls, depending on software and content.

DE6340 P
DE6340 P
AMD platform

The DE6340 is based on the AMD platform. More specifically on the AMD Embedded Ryzen V1000 platform. This computing device is capable of driving four screens. Therefore, it's perfect for video wall applications and menu boards.

Integrated HEVC/H.265 10bit codec

These units support native hardware decoding for modern codecs like the HEVC/H265 10 bit. Offloading the CPU, the GPU handles the decoding of the video. This creates a fluent playback of up to 60fps.

DE6340 P
DE6340 P
AOPEN intelligent Control Unit (AiCU)

In the current fast-moving digital world, cloud-based management is essential. AiCU provides remote device control on both hard- and software levels and creates an advantage for any business. Improve the general device maintenance process with AiCU service and save on costs, time and effort. 

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