AOPEN Makes Cloud Device Management Easy


AOPEN Intelligent Control (AiCU) is built for global enterprise brands, AiCU enables network operators with an intelligent device management solution that automates industrial and commercial applications. AiCU brings cloud service and advanced embedded device control technology together into a single dashboard.

Enterprises become more profitable with an efficient workforce and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). To enable
this, AiCU provides a complete overview, with


● Over-the-air (OTA) system updates that minimize operating costs and time

● Lowering TCO for network operators and generating profits with AiCU by ensuring devices are efficiently managed and work effectively for first line workers

● Alert notifications for swift maintenance response times

● Unique out-of-band connection technology

● Round-the-clock service for continuous, remote device management and repair, even while devices are not running

● Hardware-level controller to quickly locate and recover devices




The Smart Way to Manage Your Devices, Ensuring Performance,
Saving Cost & Creating profit



Summary of device type, platform, connectivity, distribution

Devices Info.

Basic information as enrolled time, model name, serial number, setting parameters, location


Basic information as enrolled time, model name, serial number, setting parameters, location


Set alert triggers, place Windows command to do the specific job as period log uploading


Differentiate the devices to the groups, easy to control the devices and manage the business by Group concept


Via download or Email to get device report to view all device status for analysis, verify, and review purpose

Service tool

Thru functions as reboot device, screenshots, device deactivation to solve technical problems remotely

Maintenance tool

Thru functions as power on/off, complete restart, SuperRTC, HDMI cable detection, EDID emulators and out-of-band connections.

Ecosystem Architecture




Information & Operation Technology


In the current marketplace, cloud-based content deployment and remote device monitoring and management are fundamental to digital transformation. AiCU offers the only comprehensive solution for a cloud-based system that enables rapid business growth for enterprise end users -- boosting cost savings and driving process improvements with a premium service that delivers unparalleled device management capabilities. AiCU delivers an easy and powerful management tool for integrators, software providers, managed service providers, and network operators.



Fast Deployments

By applying policies and application program through OTA, operators can deploy and provision large numbers of devices, easily and consistently over a short period
• Group Enrollment
• Provision & Configure

Easy Maintenance

24/7 connections and automatic alert system makes daily maintenance simple. Overall log files provide insight and enables preventive actions


• Device Health Status
• Alert management
• Over-the-Air
• Embedded Control
• Out-of-band connection
• On-time Service
• Analytics

Lifetime Management

The Active/ De-active function ensures that data is preserved while in use, and then securely removed after retired, or reused for other purposes

Quick Recovery

When a remote device fails, you can track it immediately through the AiCU Portal, which means that the embedded hardware controller identifies the root cause of failure quickly and applies recovery actions remotely. The out-of-band connections provide access to the system even when the device is not running properly



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