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This computing device has various I/O ports, which makes it the ideal computing device for vending. Think of a smart kiosk that actually dispenses products or a simple soda machine. The DES3200-MSP is mainly interesting because of its many COM Ports and USB Ports.

Intel® Celeron® platform

The DES3200-MSP is based on the Intel® Celeron® platform. This CPU is the basis of the value range devices that drive one or two screens in one go. For digital signage, gateways and retail applications.

Multi COM ports

The DES3200-MSP has 3 COM ports. These triple RS232 ports are used for device communication. Good to have for industrial process automation and installation in decision-making processes.

Fanless design without venting holes

This Digital Engine is passively cooled. The cooling ribs on its exterior make sure the device won’t overheat. This means the device doesn’t have moving parts which enhances its reliability. Furthermore, the device is quiet and dustproof.

Product Specifications
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