Addreality certifies AOPEN DE3450S and DEX5550W



Rosmalen 17/12/2020 – Despite the ongoing pandemic, the digital signage market continues to grow. It makes sense, as 68% of people agree that digital advertising would influence their decision to buy advertised products in the future.[1] Imagine how your digital influence could be with targeted digital signage!


Addreality is a software company that has recently developed a software technique for facial analytics. Following the GDPR guidelines this software analyses and targets the audience in real-time.


As software needs reliable hardware to work, Addreality has certified the AOPEN DE3450S and the DEX5550.


The AOPEN DE3450S and DEX5550 are ruggedized mini PC’s that can be used in a variety of applications, such as digital signage, self-ordering or self-service kiosks and in this case: facial analytics.


‘’We’re happy to see our collaboration with Addreality - the leading ISV in the CEE region. By implementing AOPEN hardware together with Addreality software, retailers will get a solution that is easy to use, easy to manage, and most of all, reliable. Our joint solution will help the customers to increase sales, reduces their cost of marketing, and brings new advertising revenue.’’ says Konstantin Gilevych, Regional Channel Sales Manager EE & CIS at AOPEN.


The combination of AOPEN hardware and Addreality software only needs two extra components: a camera and a screen for your targeted content. The solution is simple: Set up the AOPEN hardware, plug in the camera via USB, and install Addreality software on the PC.


“We are excited to partner with AOPEN! says Sergey Galeev, CEO at Addreality & DisplayForce. Together we can contribute to our clients’ success and provide additional value to the customer journeys at points of sales. Our technological compatibility is an excellent opportunity for our companies to broaden their presence.”



AOPEN is a hardware manufacturer under the mantle of consumer electronics manufacturer Acer, with a speciality in digital signage players. With our in-house knowledge, we advise partners to create a solution that fits their needs, creating digital menu boards, self-service kiosks, informational video walls, surveillance solutions, and installing queueing solutions. Discover the full product range on www.aopen.com.


About Addreality

LLC "Addreality" was founded in 2011. It develops the software for centralized customer management on various display devices: digital advertising displays, tablets, monitors, kiosks. There are SaaS and On-premise versions on the platform base. All the sales are realized through the partner network. LLC "Addreality" is a member of professional associations in the Digital Signage market. Visit the Addreality website: www.addreality.com.


CPU: Intel® Celeron® Processor J/N Series (Dual Core)

MTBF: 50.000 hrs

Dimensions: 166(W) x 25(H) x 158(D) mm


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CPU: 7th Generation Intel® Celeron™, available in i3 and i5

MTBF: 50.000 hrs

Dimensions: 240(W) x 25(H) x 158(D) mm


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