Digital Signage Case Study - Interactive Painting Promotions For The Rijksmuseum 



DE Series


  • Interactive solutions
  • Video analytics
  • Stable platform for interactive applications
  • Positive previous experience
  • Small form factor design of the media players

Digital Signage Device Features

  • HD Graphics
  • Mini SAS connector to connect 2 SATA devices
  • 2 HDMI and 1 mDP to drive 3 UHD screens
  • Small form factor




Promotional Campaign Using Digital Signage


In 2013, the Rijksmuseum opened its doors again after modernising the museum and its interior design. As the main sponsor, KPN decided to celebrate with a special campaign where the art was made more accessible to everyone.

Interactive Digital Art Displays


For an entire week, the train stations were transformed into digital art galleries. Vermeers’ Milkmaid was pouring her milk and Rembrandt's Night Watch came to life. The interactive digital displays allowed visitors to make a ‘’Rijksselfie’’ and switch places with one of the main characters in the painting. There was the option to upload the photos onto Facebook via a built-in camera and live connection. The camera also measured consumer behaviour and tracked the number of viewers.

The technology in the digital art gallery was designed by CS Digital Media and run on AOPEN Digital Engines. Customers were very impressed by the fun way of presenting the modernised museum and 92% graded the initiative as very exciting.