Digital Signage Case Study - Fish & Chips Digital Menu Boards


                       Chromebase commercial

Chromebox Commercial                    Chromebase Commercial

Chromebox Series                           Chromebase Series


  • Close cooperation with Google
  • Technology that blends in a stylish way
  • Durable technology

Digital Signage Device Features

  • Tough and tamperproof design for 24/7 operation in public spaces
  • Ability to connect with Chrome Device Management
  • Easy setup and maintenance
  • High-level commercial performance




Restaurant Digital Signage Solution


Australian seafood restaurant Famous Fish by Costi is a family-owned retailer of premium-quality seafood. It’s also the first business in the world to adopt end-to-end Google Commercial Chrome technology, a recently released hardware and software platform developed by Google and AOPEN.

Digital Touch Screens & Interactive Menu Boards


Because of the high traffic in the shops, Famous Fish needed robust, responsive, durable and user-friendly technology. Combining self-service touch screens, payments and dynamic menu boards, the new technology is already providing a huge return on investment, increasing brand awareness and boosting customer spendings.

At the Fountain Gate franchise, the average transaction value is 28,7% higher when customers have autonomy and time to consider their purchase and, order it themselves in-store.