Antimicrobial All-in-One


Antimicrobial All-in-One | Antibacterial Touch Screen Glass


During the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, it is of great importance to guide the cleaning operations of corporate users' touch screens in public areas. In order to reduce the spread of infections and diseases, AOPEN's commercial all-in-one touch screen is equipped with antibacterial Touch Glass. It is made of anti-scratch protective glass and includes antibacterial agents to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Antibacterial Commercial Touch All-in-One


Kiosk | Commercial All-in-One | AiCU Kiosk | Intel Core CPU's


• With the AOPEN AiCU smart core, it is a domain knowledge design fully expected by retail store owners. It uses Smart Platforms to set up remote applications for Smart Kiosk through cloud platforms or corporate intranets. 
• Metal structure system of IP and IK specifications for commercial security the fanless ultra-thin borderless 
• IoT touch business information accelerates the commercialization of corporate brand commercials and catalog products and the digitalization of video and audio in the application business model 
• Smart Kiosk AiO with Intel Kaby Lake mobile U CPU (i3 / i5 / i7)
• Extended Power Switch connector for Vertical Applications
• IPR design for IP65/IK08 Industrial Compliance 
• Ready for AOPEN AiCU endpoint management

Antibacterial Commercial Touch/Fanless All-in-One


Kiosk | Fanless | Commercial All-in-One | AiCU Kiosk | Intel SoC


The included chipsets have a long life cycle. This greatly reduces the risk that business owners often face when system lifecycles are too short.

  • Smart Kiosk AiO unit powered by an Intel Apollo Lake Quad Core J3455 CPU
  • Extended Power Switch connector for Vertical Applications
  • Silentek Fanless Technology
  • IPR design for IP65/IK08 Industrial Compliance 
  • Ready for AOPEN AiCU endpoint management
Thermal Camera & Heat Finder


Thermal Camera | Heat Finder | Warning temperature setting | Video Overlay


  • The thermal / video camera solution can detect an individual's body temperature and display an alert if that temperature is above a pre-set limit.
  • The thermal camera can detect 6 individual temperature areas.
  • Includes TGuard management software for setting thermal thresholds and alerts.
  • The built-in 1080p color video camera and separate infrared camera feed can be overlayed on top of each other for a more detailed view.
  • Supports Ethernet and Wi-Fi.