Upgraded Interactive Experience for Self-Service Kiosks

AOPEN eTILE-X Series: a multipurpose commercial grade all-in-one touch display


As the successor of the successful eTILE series, AOPEN developed an upgraded interactive experience based on feedback from the market. With the eTILE-X, a more versatile series is set to exceed expectations. Created for usage in self-service industries, the eTILE-X series guarantees a cost-efficient, upgraded interactive experience. This durable piece of hardware is specifically designed for usage in commercial environments.


Integrate the eTILE-X in interactive self-service kiosks or create a stand-alone kiosk with a floor- or tablemount. With its Full HD resolution and wide viewing angle - in both portrait and landscape - the viewing experience is improved. Furthermore, the eTILE-X is industrial grade IP65 dust- and waterproof, has hidden I/O ports and buttons and has a protective metal bezel covering the edges. The bezel prevents the system from breaking down and can withstand customer abuse. System crashes because of hardware issues are taken care of by the watchdog timer.


The fanless design of the eTILE-X makes it suitable for dusty, greasy and silent environments. A passive cooling system is integrated to ensure its resistance in high-temperature environments. The eTILE-X passed multiple tests such as shock and vibration tests, airflow tests, temperature and humidity tests. Due to these extensive tests, the eTILE-X has proven to be a perfect fit for commercial environments such as retail, quick service restaurants and healthcare.


Aside from the tough interior of the eTILE-X, its exterior design ensures that this series can be used in a kiosk or as a stand-alone device for other professional environments. Its flat surface, clean look and easy mounting solution ensure easy built-in into a kiosk. The complimentary connectivity ports create the option to use peripherals; like scanners, card readers, fingerprint readers and pin terminals. Its protective bezel protects the device when installed for stand-alone usage in for example industrial process operation or interactive wayfinding.


The eTILE-X series supports Windows 10 and Linux OS and will be available in 15 and 19 inch, launching this summer. Throughout the year, the series will expand with different sizes, Operating Systems and specific features for different applications.


AOPEN eTILE-X features:

●         Easy installation: both integrated and stand-alone

●         Tamperproof design: protective metal bezel, IP65 dust- and waterproof design, hidden interface

●         Simple and clean exterior

●         Improved viewing experience: Full HD and good viewing angle in both portrait and landscape

●         Available in 15 and 19 inch



CPU: Intel® Celeron® Processor N Series (Quad Core)

IP Grade: IP65

Resolution: 15,6'' 1920 x 1080 (16:9)


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CPU: Intel® Celeron® Processor N Series (Quad Core)

IP Grade: IP65

Resolution: 19,5'' 1920 x 1080 (16:9)


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