Digital Security Platform for Surveillance through AOPEN and Milestone XProtect


Rosmalen, December 11, 2015 - AOPEN, a major electronics manufacturer and one of the world's leading providers of professional products and applied business solutions, is partnering with Milestone Systems to offer a highly resilient, powerful and scalable video surveillance platform.


AOPEN specialises in ultra-small form factor computing platforms for business and professional applications. The core of AOPEN’s portfolio is formed by the Digital Engine™, a robust and flexible platform that has a proven track record of reliability throughout its life span. AOPEN's business has maintained its core values and beliefs throughout its evolution and continues to focus on working with customers to achieve their business goals. It also fosters a culture of "entrepreneurship" to drive innovation and employee development.


Milestone Systems is a global industry leader in open platform IP video surveillance software. Milestone has provided easy-to-use, powerful video management software in more than 100,000 installations worldwide.


Milestone XProtect® products are designed with an open architecture and are compatible with more IP cameras, encoders and digital video recorders than any other manufacturer. Because Milestone provides an open platform, you can integrate today’s best business solutions and expand what’s possible with future innovations.


The solution offered by both companies is provided by the mutual certification of the AOPEN Digital Engine DE7200, AOPEN Engine Core 650 and AOPEN eTILE 22. This ensures any surveillance system built using these AOPEN products in combination with the Milestone XProtect® components will be able to record, display and archive an amount of video consistent with the recommendations of the Milestone Server and Storage Calculator.


Certified Products:

  • AOPEN Digital Engine DE7200 (new is: DE7400)
  • AOPEN eTILE WT22M-FI (new is: eTILE 22M-FW)
  • AOPEN Engine Core 650
  • Milestone XProtect® Corporate 2014


The DE7200, Engine Core 650, and eTILE 22 are certified server and storage solutions for use with the Milestone XProtect® VMS. The calculator indicates that the system should support 25 cameras at the benchmark level, and it was able to support a maximum of 60 cameras in different scenarios. The performance testing determined that the DE7200 server and attached Engine Core 650 RAID storage solution can support at least twice the number of cameras as recommended by the calculator. For a different scenario, the calculator indicates that the eTILE 22 and Engine Core 650 should support 10 VGA cameras at the benchmark level. It was able to support 4 times that amount of 1 Megapixel cameras. 

The DE7200, Engine Core 650, and eTILE 22 can be freely configured to meet any customer’s demands. This platform performed very impressively in the tests which were conducted by Milestone & AOPEN. A video surveillance system built using these AOPEN components can be scaled upwards endlessly with extra storage, redundant servers or redundant power supply configurations, to provide a highly resilient and powerful surveillance system.

The form factor of the DE7200 and the eTILE solution make them very appealing for retail environments and any interactive surveillance scenario which includes education, healthcare, transportation, etc. Basically, the solution is created for enhancing the sense of security in any environment.

Integrators and end users should have confidence when building video security and surveillance systems which include the XProtect® VMS and the AOPEN solution. These solutions are certified and can be used to support XProtect® Recording Servers which are recording between 1 and 60 cameras at megapixel resolution. Larger systems could be built using multiple storage solutions, alternative disk configurations, and multiple Recording Servers. The XProtect® and AOPEN® integrated system are highly scalable with several excellent storage controller interface options, and multiple available redundancy methods to create reliable high-performance surveillance and security solutions for mission-critical applications.

Visit www.milestonesys.com for more information or ask your AOPEN contact (request@aopen.com) for more information about certified AOPEN products.


CPU: Intel® Core™

IP Grade: IP65

Resolution: 16:9


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CPU: 6th Generation Intel® Core™

Video Outputs: 2x HDMI 1.4b, 1x miniDP

Resolution: 3x UHD (4K) @30Hz or 1x UHD (4K) @60Hz + 2x FHD


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Engine Core 650

Dimensions: 481(W) x 177 (H) x 587 (D) mm

Material: SECC

Rack: Consolidates up to six Digital Engines