Digital Advertisement on Electric Car-Charging Kiosk


DE Series



DE Series




● Delivering excellent performance in extreme temperatures and climates

● Scaling to business growth and the increasing fleet of managed kiosks

● Innovating its technology and compatibility with Volta’s management software native to the Ubuntu-Linux platform.

Device Features

● The AOPEN Digital Engine is an ultra-thin, fanless 1080p media player designed for challenging environments, with a wide operating temperature range from 0 and 104°F.




Volta approached AOPEN with a unique use case for powering single-screen, place-based digital advertising in outdoor environments. Deployment of these outdoor kiosks nationwide required a media player designed for these extreme conditions and could easily adapt with Voltas growth plans without retrotting the media player.

The dual-output capability of the AOPEN Digital Engine made for an easy transition when Volta introduced a two-screen, dual-sided solution - sleek industrial enclosures designed and manufactured by Peerless-AV. Volta began deploying the AOPEN DE3250 in its digital car-charging kiosks, and has since standardized on the AOPEN DE3450. AOPEN Digital Engines are reliable, cost-effective products designed to meet the key challenges of this type of project.

Key Result

The partnership between AOPEN and Volta delivered business growth across an ecosystem of partners, customers, and users with: 

  • Streamlined operations by providing pre-loaded customized software on high-performance digital engines for plug-and-play installation.
  • Well-managed content on a growing fleet of managed network of kiosks in extreme temperatures and climates

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