POS for Hospitality

In hospitality we know there are multiple situations where cash register systems are needed. In hotels you can also combine a reservation system with a payment system. Connect our all-in-one touchscreens for a complete solution with a sleek design. With our slim form factor all-in-one touch displays, AOPEN offers the best of both worlds. Where the computing device can be as strong as you require, the exterior of the device is clean, slim and easy to integrate.

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When ordering from an interactive kiosk, there is also the option to add payments. This way the customer is done in a couple of simple steps and you don't need to worry about cash differences. Or choose to use our hardware with a POS system that can be used by employees. The AOPEN hardware is the perfect solution for this situation. With highly diverse connectivity, different devices and IP65 grade panels, our all-in-one touch displays are able to cope with tough situations like these.

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POS for Retail

Every store has a cash register where customers pay. To promote products or discounts, you can install an extra screen that faces the customer. The screen can tell customers which products are recommended with the purchase they're making, or about discounts and special offers. In POS, a key consideration is the correct amount of connectivity to the hardware. Looking at the AOPEN all-in-one touch displays, there is one with the best connectivity for each situation.

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POS for Transportation

As bus stations, train stations and airports operate 24/7, staff isn’t always available. With an interactive point of sale, you can still serve the crowd. When ordering tickets for transport a payment system is needed. And that’s exactly what AOPEN hardware is capable of. Looking at the AOPEN all-in-one touch displays: the eTILE, eTILE-X and Chromebase, there is one with the right connectivity for each situation. You want a cash drawer, a pin terminal and a second screen? AOPEN will make it happen!

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POS in Healthcare

In countries where doctors and hospital visits are not always covered by insurance, a payment must be done after each appointment. Connect an all-in-one touch display to the preferred peripherals and match them with software. Work with a dual screen for customers to see what they are paying for, or install POS as a self-service. In hospitals hardware requires testing and certifications. AOPEN hardware is already certified for, or can be certified with the right certificates.

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