Smart Surveillance for Finance/Banking

With a well-working surveillance and analytics system you can check your customers and staff. A surveillance solution can also be used for ATMs, where you can identify security threats with a built-in camera. Hardware used in surveillance solutions must be safe, reliable, secure, and run 24/7. Our hardware is tested with an automated pen test, which can detect threats. Furthermore, with the certification of the right software we guarantee a seamless fit.

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Smart Surveillance for Gaming/Entertainment

In casinos, it's important to track your staff. The same goes for cheating customers or other people who are seduced by the all prizes on offer. All of these threats can be monitored with a surveillance system. When kicking off your surveillance solution with AOPEN, we work out the ideal number of cameras required. Depending on those, we have different computing devices that offer safe, reliable and rugged solutions for your surveillance.

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Smart Surveillance in Education

A school environment must be safe: for kids, for teachers and for students. Control your school by installing a surveillance system. Choose one with automated notifications in case of an emergency, or one where you can review choices people made that led to arguments or even fights. Combine the entire AOPEN hardware platform to create a complete solution. Together with certified partners we will guide you through the entire process.

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Smart Surveillance in Hospitality

Guest activity can be monitored throughout the hotel and/or restaurants in order to keep theft or vandalism from happening. Another way surveillance is useful in the hotel business is a 24-hour reception where the receptionist gets a notification of movement at the front door. In hospitality, hardware must run 24/7 because, as every hotelier knows, guests never sleep. Keeping track of different environments from one central room has never been easier with a complete AOPEN solution.

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Smart Surveillance in Leisure

In shopping malls surveillance is used to track movement to see where most people go. Make sure your guard is able to cover the entire mall, using a surveillance system. Or for gyms that are open 24/7 a surveillance system is inevitable. Combine your cameras with Digital Engines to do the number crunching or to serve as an NVR, and complete your solution with an eTILE or Chromebase client and Engine Core for consolidation.

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Smart Surveillance in Retail

It is possible to track customers in-store via surveillance cameras. It’s important to keep the store, goods and staff safe at all times. When deploying a big store this can be extremely difficult, but surveillance is here to help. For surveillance solutions, you need tough hardware for 24/7 use. Especially when it comes to surveillance, your hardware cannot let you down. The AOPEN high range computing devices drive a complete solution for surveillance.

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Surveillance for Government

A safe environment is a must for government buildings. Set up a surveillance system that helps you track and record public spaces. Place confrontation screens at the entrance to make sure guests know they are tracked. Especially when it comes to governments, the hardware selection process can be lengthy. This means the right partner needs to be found for all required hardware. Combine AOPEN hardware with the correct certification for surveillance software to ensure a reliable solution.

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