Industrial media players

Digital signage in industrial processes is used for real-time updates on the production process and the notification of staff on errors. For industrial process operations it's important to think about the environment first when choosing the right hardware.

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Medical PCs

Medical PC's are medically IEC 60601-1 and EN 60601-1 certified computers used in Healthcare for IT purposes. With software, they drive content on displays or drive medical panel pc's. They run on an Intel® Core™ CPU and have an antibacterial coating.

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Digital Signage Media Players | Embedded PC's

AOPEN digital signage media players are PC's specifically designed for digital signage, such as interactive menu boards, billboards, digital advertisement and more. Display events, information about the restaurant menu or inform people more of the employee of the month. Implement digital signage or self-service kiosks by embedding the PC's or by simply hooking up a display to the AOPEN hardware, and use software to display your content!

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Video Wall Controllers

AOPEN Video Wall Processors are used to display singular content on multiple displays. AOPEN offers video wall controllers for 3, 4 or 6 screen video walls. Use software to display your content and have AOPEN run your video wall!

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Chrome OS is a very secure operating system. Aside from being secure, it is also very simple. As the OS is already pre-installed on Chromeboxes, you have access to all benefits once you plug in the device. With Chrome Remote Desktop you can also remotely control your devices!

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AiCU (AOPEN Intelligent Control Unit)

The AiCU is a Remote Device Management tool, which allows you to control your network devices from a distance. It works via cloud-based portal where you can control in-band and out-of-band features.

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