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The AD-HF048 is a USB thermal camera, used for instance in airports to measure elevated body temperature. That's why this camera is also called a heat finder.


The AD-HF048 works best on one person at a time, so it doesn’t need bulky requirements, such as very high resolution or data storage. It performs the task at hand swiftly and sufficiently. With one person measurement time is only 0.5 seconds at a distance between 100 and 150 cm. It's possible to scan up to 4 people, but measurement time increases to 2 seconds at 150 cm.

USB Interface

The camera is easy to set up by either fixating it on an entry point using a desktop or laptop to view the results or use an ordinary camera tripod and a laptop to stay flexible.  The USB setup works via micro USB port.

T-Guard software

The AD-HF048 has T-Guard software installed. This software monitors the heat camera and gives an ‘‘alarm’’ (a red screen and sound) when a person with an elevated body temperature is detected and gives an accurate measurement up to 0.5°C.


System requirements for software:

  • ≥ i5 CPU
  • ≥ 8GB memory
  • ≥ 2GB internal memory on the graphics card
  • ≥ 500GB storage
  • Windows 10 operating system











Important notions

It's not a medical device and cannot detect fevers or other diseases

Only for indoor use

Strong light and heat behind the subject sources affect measurement and accuracy

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